How To Change Android Device ID In Rooted and Non-Rooted Mobile

Full Guide To Change Android ID (Rooted & Non-Rooted Both)

Most of the android apps, Free Recharge apps, Games use your Android ID and make a log of your data. but once if you changed your Android ID it means you have turned your phone into a new phone. Yes.. After changing your Android ID no one knows what’s your real android mobile. Many of you use many free recharge apps to earn money, & if once you earned free recharge by signup then, you have to use another device for the next sign up. it means you can only use your Android device to earn single time. But what if you change your Android id & able to do unlimited signups and earn unlimited Money from your own single Android Phone. Yes Guys In this article i am going to share a simple method to Change Android ID for rooted and non-rooted Android phones. 

Changing Android id means making fool to free recharge and gaming apps b’coz Mostly these types of apps like-Free recharge, Gaming and some other types of apps which detect your android id. Some of the free recharge and gaming apps detect your android Id and make a log of your data. If you love to play MOD games and you are banned to play such types of games then you can easily play them by Changing your android ID. once you changed your device id it means you have change your phone. So if you also wants to make fool to such types of apps and wants to play Games as you want then follow these steps to change your Android ID.


How To Change Android ID (Rooted & Non-Rooted Both)

#How To Change Android ID ?

Some of the free recharge apps like- Mcent, Taskbucks, truebalance and many other apps which offers free recharge on sign up and refer detect your android id when you sign up on your android phone and if you will try again to signup again on same phone then, you can’t earn your signup bonus because once you have signup then they will make a log of your data and you are unable to earn unlimited money from same device.

What is Android ID ?

Android ID is a unique alpha or numeric code of your android Phone. if we can change our android id then, it is very hard or impossible to track our phone. Many website, free recharge apps, and Games tracks your android id and saves a log of your phone data. many gaming apps detect your Imei no. and android ID. some apps identify android phone with android Id only so by changing our android Id we can easily make fool them. Android ID is the main identification of your android which identifies who you are, but once you change your id no one knows you,who you are. and whats your real phone. But different apps and websites use different-different base to identify your phone, some of the apps can identify your phone on the basis of imei and some are identified on the basis of Android Id, it is completely depend on the app.

Check Current Android ID ?

if you wants to check your current android ID then, there are tqo methods available to check current Android ID of your Mobile.

Go to your Phone’s Dialer and Dial *#*#8255#*#*  it will show your android ID as “aid” in GTalk Service Monitor  and you can also check your android ID by installing Android Device ID in your mobile. it will show you your current Android ID in a single click after opening it.

Basic requirements to Change Android ID 

Before going for the steps to change android Id, you need to do several things. so here below are some basic requirements to change android ID. if you meet these requirements then, try steps to change android ID.

  • Android 2.2 & More
  • Android ID Changer app 
  • Phone Must be Rooted
  • Unknown sources enable (to enable it Go to settings >> security and tick on Unknown sources)
  • Little Mind (everyone have)

Change Android ID (#Rooted Devices)

For rooted devices it is very easy to change android ID. if you have a rooted device and you wants to change your android ID then it is very simple. you only need to do is Download an apk. i.e. Android ID changer and simply save your new android ID in your phone. Here below i am sharing the step-by-step method to change Android ID for Rooted Devices.

Steps to Change Android ID for Rooted Devices only – 

1). First of All Download Android ID Changer app From Below Link.

Download Android ID Changer Apk.

2). Now go to your Phone’s settings and allow ‘unknown sources‘ in the security option.

Change android ID Rooted devices

3). Now Install and Open the App in your phone.

4). Now it will ask for the Grant Root Permission,so click on Grant Root permission & give root permission to the app.

Change android ID

Change Android ID in Rooted Devices

5). Now android id changer app will show you your current Android ID i recommended you to take Backup of your current id, because it may need in the future. (Click on download icon to backup your current ID)

Backup Current Android ID

6). Now Click on + icon in the right top corner.

7). Finally Click on ‘Save New Android ID’.

Trick to Change Android ID

* you can also enter any android ID of your choice without any issue. just enter any Android ID of your choice and click on Save New Android ID.

So Now your android ID is Successfully changed.. without any issue.

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Alternative Method To Change Android ID for Rooted Android Devices

One more alternative method available to change android ID, if you are unable to change android id by Android ID changer app. this is a;so an easy method to change android ID in just 2 seconds. so also checkout this method to Change Android ID for Rooted Devices.

Change Android ID with Titanium Backup App :-

→ First of all Download Titanium Backup App in your mobile.

Now, Install and open the app.

 Now, after successfully installation press Menu key, scroll down and click on ‘Manage Android ID option’

Now Click on ‘Create new (random) Id‘ Option

Change Android- ID -with- Titanium -Backup

Change Android ID -Titanium App

 Done…. Restart your Android Phone & you have successfully changed your android ID.

So Guys this is another method to change android ID for rooted devices. this method is also well-working without any problem. if you are unable to chage your android ID with the help of android ID changer app then you can use this method to change your android ID. But i will suggest you to try 1st method before trying this method.

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Change Android ID (#Non-Rooted Devices)

if you haven’t rooted your Android phone yet then you can read our Article ‘How To Root Android Device‘ to root your phone. you can also change android ID in your non-rooted android mobile. it is too easy then above steps to change android ID in non-rooted mobiles.  So follow the below steps, it will help you to change your Android ID without rooting it.

  • First of all Go to your Phone’s Settings.
  • Now search for Backup&Reset Option in the settings and click on it.
  • click on Factory Data Reset and Reset your Phone.
Change Android ID (Non-rooted)

How To Change Android ID (Non-Rooted)

  • it will completely format your phone and will change your android ID automatically.

Note That-  Resetting your phone will delete your complete phone’s Data, Contacts, settings etc. so before formatting  Get Backup of Your full Mobile phone.

So readers these are the simple steps to ‘Change android ID in Non-Rooted Mobiles‘ i hope you understand well from these above steps. if you doesn’t want to root your android phone then simply follow above method and change android ID within some seconds.

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Last Words 

So this is our today’s article on ‘How To Change Android ID in Rooted And Non-Rooted Android Mobiles‘ i have shared all possible methods to change android ID in Rooted Devices. In Non-rooted mobile, you can simply reset your mobile to change android ID automatically. If you are interested and able to root your android Phone then you can take help from our already share tutorial on ‘How To Root Android Device’. i think you have learned something new from this article. I have provided you this well explained trick with screenshots and full descriptions too. If still you are facing any Problem and not able to change Android ID of your mobile, feel free to comment below i will try my best to solve your problem as soon as possible .

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