How To Set Whatsapp Profile Picture (DP) Without Crop.

Wants to update your Whatsapp profile pic without cropping? then this article really helps you. Yes after posting so many Whatsapp, Facebook-related articles, I bring a new trick to set Whatsapp profile pic (dp) without crop. Many peoples are using Whatsapp and Facebook as these are one of the most popular social media networks all over the world.

You may hate Whatsapp for a reason that it doesn’t provide a feature to Set profile pic without cropping. You have to crop your image before updating it on your Whatsapp profile. You have no other option to set profile pic without cropping. It is compulsory to use a square Image as a DP on your Whatsapp but not all the images that you find better for your profile pic are not a square image. So, this article is going to help you to Use any Image as profile Pic on Whatsapp without crop.


Set Whatsapp DP Without Crop on Whatsapp

As we know Whatsapp is very popular nowadays all over the world. Whatsapp has millions of users at present.every android user have Whatsapp account. Now Whatsapp also providing its service to pc users, yes guys now Whatsapp started new Whatsapp web software for the pc users, you can also download it from the official website of Whatsapp.

Whatsapp is the most popular social network nowadays. Every Whatsapp users update his/her Whatsapp profile pics weekly or daily. But the main problem occurs during updating dp is that some DP’s are unable to set without cropping, so you feel irritating. Whatsapp doesn’t provide any feature to set Whatsapp profile pic without cropping.

Whatsapp ask you to automatically to crop it, otherwise, you can’t update that pic as your profile picture. You can either use YoWhatsapp or FmWhatsapp if you want to unlock this feature on your device. I have also shared an awesome trick o create fake Whatsapp last seen, so you can also check out this.

Whatsapp DP Without Crop

Some people think that this is impossible to update the image as Whatsapp DP without a crop, but I think this is possible by using this method I am going to show you below. Here in this method you just have to download an application in your android device which is named as “squaredroid“. Yes guys by using this application you can perfectly set your Whatsapp dp without cropping.

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Set Whatsapp DP Without Cropping

If you are thinking that it is impossible to set whatsapp dp without crop or it is very hard then feel free because it is very easy to update whatsapp dp without cropping, you just have to download an apk. “#squaredroid”. This app is available on play store and other app platforms. I am sharing download link for this app. You can download it from here and it is very to use. Follow the below steps for better understandings.

1).  First, you need to download an app name “Squaredroid” from play store or from the link given below.

2). Install the App & Open it.

3). Now it will show four options on your mobile screen. Choose “pick a photo option” and choose any image from the gallery which you wants to set as your profile pic without cropping.

4). That’s it. squaredroid will automatically resize it with a square image, don’t worry it can’t decrease your image size and didn’t crop it.

5).  Click on the Save button to import the picture in your gallery.

6). To set the picture as your desktop picture, Go to Whatsapp>> Settings>> & Click on the Profile Pic & Import new DP from your phone’s gallery.

7). Your Whatsapp profile will be successfully updated without cropping.

I hope whatsapp dp cropping problem doesn’t irritate you, because after reading these steps above you can’t face this problem of cropping any image to set it as your profile picture.these are the easy steps, you can follow them easily without any query. You only have to download an application #squaredroid and then you can easily set your whatsapp dp without crop. Also check girls attitude dps.

This is the only method I have shared with you to use Whatsapp dp without cropping. if you are thinking that this is impossible to set Whatsapp dp without crop then, first of all, follow the above steps and then also if you are unable to set your whatsapp dp without cropping then comment below your problem I will give you a solution. But in my opinion you never get any problem if you followed above steps carefully. You may also love to play Whatsapp Dare Games with your friends & relatives.

WhatsApp DP Without Crop [*Trick*] 2022

If you are thinking that this method is not good for you or if you are searching for any other method to set whatsapp dp without crop then stop searching because below I am going to share one more method i.e. Alternative method to set whatsapp dp without crop. Here below is one more method which is well working without any doubt. This method is personally tested by me and I am also using this method to set my whatsapp dp without crop.

1). First of all download WhatsCrop App From the given link.

Download Whatscrop App

2). Now install and open the app in your android phone and select that Image which you wants to crop.


Whatsapp DP without crop

3). Now on the main page of the app it will show the image.

Use Whatsapp DP without crop

4). Now click on Background to change the background of the mage. you can add any Background Image or also add any photo frame according to you.

DP without crop on Whatsapp

5). Now Click on save button to save the Cropped Image and below it will Show many options select Whatsapp Profile Photo from them to set Whatsapp DP without crop.

Whatsapp Profile Pic Without Crop

This was another method to set Whatsapp DP without crop. you can use any of the above two methods both are well working without any problem. I hope now you are able to set Whatsapp dp without crop.

Whatsapp DP crop issue irritates every Whatsapp users when he/she will try to use any image as Whatsapp DP. so to overcome this problem i have found this solution and shared with yours. I found two methods which are well working and personally tested by me. so you have no need to worry about these trick. So now what you are waiting for go to your Whatsapp account and use any Image as Whatsapp without cropping by using above steps.

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So we have shared two methods to Set Whatsapp DP without crop now it depends on you which method you want to use. Both methods are working. you can use these steps to use DP without crop on any social media networking account. With the help of Whatscrop and squaredroid app, you can use any of your Favourite images as your Whatsapp DP because these apps help to resize any image without cropping it. So don’t worry about Whatsapp Cropping problem and checkout above steps which I have shared with the screenshot of every step


This is our today’s article about “how to set Whatsapp DP without crop“. I hope you successfully enjoyed this without any query.guys every Whatsapp user face this problem, and search on google for the solution but didn’t get any solution or they get fake methods which didn’t work properly. But guys this method is surely working, I also tried this method to set WhatsApp dp without cropping. You must try this solution, if you are getting any problem while trying the above procedure then comment freely, I will try my best to solve your problem.


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