How To Hide Whatsapp Images & Videos From Gallery (iPhone Or Android)

Hey, Guys Welcome Back to Allinone Tricks We Are Again Back With a Latest Trick To Hide Whatsapp Images From Gallery. Guys Always We Share Tricks For Android, But this Trick is Also Helpful For iPhone. Guys in This tutorial I am going to show you the best method to Hide Whatsapp Images and Videos From Gallery Without Downloading Any app from play store or iStore. Guys This Trick is Latest and Fully Working. Sometimes Whatsapp images Directly saved in Gallery Which is Bad think. After Finding All Methods from Google I Am Going To Share Best Working Method Trick To Hide Whatsapp Images From Gallery. So if You Also Wants to Hide Whatsapp Images From Gallery then this Article Helps you. Don’t Worry And Checkout This tutorial. we have shared Some Boys Whatsapp DPs so don’t forget to check it.

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Hide Whatsapp Images From Gallery

As You know Guys Whatsapp is Very popular Nowadays. there are millions of Whatsapp users. Everyone use Whatsapp to chat with their Friends and Relatives. Whatsapp is Available For every Version of Android or iPhone. Recently Whatsapp has Launched Their PC Version too i.e. Whatsapp Web. Using Whatsapp Web we can now run any Whatsapp Account and chat with our friends in PC Or laptop. Whatsapp is Very Popular and best social network nowadays. Millions of Whatsapp Groups are Create by Many peoples on Whatsapp. Daily we receive Many images on Whatsapp Groups, the bad thing is that Sometimes these images directly download and Save to Gallery it will Decrease Phone Memory and fill Memory space. Some images are useful for us so we use to download these images directly and saved in the gallery. Also, check- Best Names For Whatsapp Group. Many of you guys Already tried for ‘Trick to Hide Whatsapp Image From Gallery‘ But A/c. to me, you didn’t get any solution to Hide Whatsapp Images From Gallery. Don’t worry Now You Are At Right place as This Article helps you to Hide Whatsapp Media From Gallery.

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Hide Whatsapp Images From Gallery

Hiding Whatsapp Images From Gallery is a very craziest thing. Whenever you receive any image Message in Whatsapp From Any of your Friend, Image Will be directly saved in the gallery without any permission. What if these images stop saving in the gallery but saved in a Folder? Don’t think too much I am going to share a trick for this question To Hide Whatsapp MediaFrom Gallery‘. There are Many methods available on gallery but they are no more working or only available for Android. But in this Article Also i Share trick to Hide Whatsapp Images From iPhone Gallery.

How To Hide Whatsapp Images From Gallery 

Whatsapp is Becoming More and More Popular with time. if you are a Whatsapp user then, you’re definitely searching for this trick, Right… :-p. Ok, well Reason behind searching for this trick is that On Whatsapp some of our friends share Naked Images and Videos which we have to Hide from our Parents or relatives. To Hide these images you need to download Some third-party apps, But if you don’t want to Download any other application to Hide Whatsapp Images From Gallery then, Here’s the Trick which I found after a  lot of research on Google and Decided to share with You. So  Don’t Waste your time and Data 😆 on searching  and Downloading other apps. Just Follow this simple Method and Hide Whatsapp Images From Gallery Easily. Must Check- Show Whatsapp Always online Trick

Sometimes Our Friends Send us Some Funny, Naked, or Girls Pics or Other special picture on Whatsapp, and we feel fear about what if any family members can check these Pics or videos in our Phone. To Keep Private these types of Pics we Try some locking apps to lock Gallery but this is very irritating to input password every time when we open gallery. But Guys ever you think About ‘What if you can Hide Whatsapp Images From Gallery easily Without Downloading Any App’?, in this tutorial I am going to show you solution For your Question. After Watching this Tutorial you never feel fear of Whatsapp Images in Gallery. To Secure your Whatsapp Images From Gallery you have To Follow this method ‘To Hide Whatsapp images From Gallery’. Must Check – Whatsapp Dare Games

Steps To Hide Whatsapp Images From Gallery in Android:-

  • First of All Download Any File Manager App From Google Play Store like- EX File Manager, File Manager, etc..
  • Now Open File Manager And Go to SD Card Storage/ Phone Storage >> Whatsapp >> Media.


  • Now You Will see a Whatsapp Images Folder in Media, Long Press on it to Rename the Folder Name.

  • Replace Folder Name Whatsapp Images to ‘ .Whatsapp Images

Hide Images From Gallery

  • Done, Now Check Your Gallery you will Never see Any Whatsapp images in Your Phone Gallery.

Guys this is The ‘Trick to Hide Whatsapp Images From Gallery‘ i Hope you enjoyed this Trick Successfully without Any Problem. Now a Question appearing in your Mind is That ‘How To Hide Whatsapp Videos From Galley’ Don’t Worry, Here Below is the Solution For Your Question you just have To Follow Same Steps To Hide Whatsapp Videos From Gallery.

Alternative Method- Hide Whatsapp Images In Android Gallery

if Now Also Whatsapp Images are showing in your Gallery then Follow these steps after following steps but before trying these steps check your gallery and if Whatsapp images are showing then try Below Steps-

  • After Following Above Steps Completely, Create a Folder with name .nomedia inside Whatsapp Images Folder.

  • Now Again Check your Gallery, i hope Whatsapp images Are Not Showing But if Showing Then Go To Mobile Settings >> Apps>> Gallery  And Click on Clear Cache option.

Now i am Sure to Say that Whatsapp Images are successfully Hidden From Your Gallery. Before Trying Alternative Method First, Try Above Method if Then Also You Are unable to Hide Whatsapp Images From Gallery Then Try Alternative Method You will surely able to Hide Whatsapp Images From Gallery After Trying Alternative Method.

Hide Whatsapp Videos From Gallery

Guys To Hide Whatsapp Videos From Gallery you Didn’t Have to Do Anything Just Follow Above Steps As it is, Only Single Change you have to Do to Hide Whatsapp Videos From Gallery i.e. While Replacing Folder Name Replace Folder Name Whatsapp Videos to ‘ .Whatsapp Videos’. this is the Only Single Change you Have To Do to Hide Whatsapp Videos From Gallery.  So Guys this is Also Very Easy to Hide Whatsapp Videos From Gallery.  if You Didn’t Understand Well ‘How To Hide Whatsapp Videos From Gallery’ then See these short steps.

  1. First of all, Open your File Manager And Then Go to Storage>>Whatsapp>>Media
  2. Now you Will See a Whatsapp Videos Folder, Long Press on it to Rename Folder Name.
  3. Now Simply replace Folder Name From Whatsapp Videos to ‘ .Whatsapp Videos

Done……….. These Are Some Simple same steps you have Seen above to Hide Whatsapp Videos From Gallery. Guys, IHope now you understand well About ‘How to Hide Whatsapp Images, Videos From Gallery’.  Now What if you will be iPhone User and Wants to Hide Whatsapp Images, Videos From Gallery. Don’t Worry here I am also sharing ‘How To Hide Whatsapp images, Videos From Gallery in iPhone‘. Let’s checkout.

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Hide Whatsapp Images (Media) From Gallery (iPhones Users)

Hiding Whatsapp Images, Videos From iPhone Appears to be a Very Hard task, but you feel wonderful when you came to know that this is more simple to Hide Whatsapp Files From Gallery. Yes, this is True that Hiding Whatsapp images, Videos From an iPhone are Very Simple Task. You Just have To Change Settings of your iPhone and easily Hide Whatsapp Files From Gallery. iPhone Have Already an Option to Hide Whatsapp Files From Gallery. So Let’s Checkout these Simple Steps to Hide Whatsapp Images, Videos From iPhone Gallery.

Dual  Whatsapp Trick

Steps To Hide Whatsapp Images, Videos From Gallery:-

  • First of All, Go to iPhone Settings and then Click on Privacy option, Click on it.
  • Now Click on Photos Option, then you will see a Whatsapp option, Turn off it To ‘Hide Whatsapp Images From iPhone Gallery’

Steps to Hide Whatsapp Images From iPhone Gallery

So Guys this Is the simple method to ‘Hide Whatsapp Images From iPhone’. Guys i Hope you enjoyed our today’s Article without any Query. Guys this is the Latest Working Method to ‘Hide Whatsapp images, Videos From Gallery. 

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How To Unhide/ Make Visible Whatsapp Images, Videos in Android Gallery-

Guys if you have hidden Your Whatsapp Images, Videos By Mistake in your Device then Don’t Worry it is very simple to again Unhide Whatsapp Images, Videos in Gallery. To Unhide Whatsapp images From Gallery Again Replace Folder Name From ‘ .Whatsapp Images ‘ to ‘ Whatsapp Images‘ Means just again replace Folder name as it is Before Applying above changes. you can now see your Whatsapp images, videos in the gallery. Must Check- Freeze Whatsapp Last Seen

To Unhide Whatsapp Files in iPhone Gallery go To Settings>>Privacy>>Whatsapp. And Again Tick (Turn On) on the Option to make Whatsapp File Visible in iPhone Gallery. Also, Check – Whatsapp DPs

Whatsapp is best social media messaging app because of its features. Lots of peoples use this app to chat with their friends and relatives. Sometimes, our friends send some adult content on our Whatsapp account which we need to hide from others. Android’s gallery is that place where every image automatically gets saved. If you want to stop saving Whatsapp media to your phone’s gallery then you need to follow above-described steps carefully. I have shared 2 Methods to Hide Whatsapp Images From Gallery. You can also Hide Whatsapp Videos From Phone’s Gallery by using above steps.


Guys, This is our Article on “How To Hide Whatsapp Images & Videos From Gallery in Android Or iPhone” I Hope You Enjoyed Our today’s Article Without Any Query. Guys this is the Best and working method i have shared you never find any method like this on google. Already May of Other Websites Have Shared Trick to Hide Whatsapp Images And Videos From Gallery. But They Are no More Working. In Other Methods, You Have To Download Apps to Hide Whatsapp Media From Gallery But in This Method IHave Shared you Didn’t Have To Do too much Just Change Some Settings and Folder Names to Hide Whatsapp Images From Gallery. This Method works in every Android and iPhone Devices, so don’t About it will work or not on your mobile.

Now you can Hide Whatsapp Images From Gallery. you have no need to download any third-party app to hide Images or Videos From Gallery. this is the best method Ihave shared with you. I have personally tested it on my device and found it working fine.  If You Still Facing Any Problem or Have any Doubt then Freely Comment Below, I Will Try My Best To Solve Your Problem. Keep Visiting Allinone Tricks For More Tips & Tricks. Also Read- Record Whatsapp Calls.


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