How To Post In All Facebook Groups at Once in Single Click ?

{2017 Trick} Post In All Facebook Groups at Once

How to post in multi groups on Facebook in a single click? Are you looking for what I typed above? Do you want to share a content, promote your blog or share something to all groups you are in Facebook but tired of typing the same post in several groups? If your answers to the above questions is yes, then I bet you must have searched for the trick to post in all groups on Facebook in a single click. if yes, then today your search will end here as we are going to share the latest and 100% working method to post in all groups in Facebook in single click. So now you don’t need to search anywhere for the trick.

How To Post In All Facebook Groups at Once

These days Facebook has become the most used social network platform everywhere. People use it for sharing their content and anything. Bloggers use it as the main source of their traffic. They share links to their content in Facebook groups to drive traffic to their blog. But it becomes a difficult task to share all the contents in all the groups as it takes a lot of time. so they search for ways to post to all groups in a single click. They also get a lot of ways to do this on the web but most the tricks either not work or are blocked by Facebook. So we worked hard and found the way to Post In All Groups In Single Click and are sharing this today.

Auto Post in All Groups at Once

Post in All Facebook Group at Once in Single Click

If you will follow my opinion, this is the best and easiest trick to post in multi groups in Facebook as it is personally tested by me. It uses a chrome tool to post in multi groups at a single time in one click. The best part of this trick is it also allows you to do various things like send message to a lot of people in single click. So isn’t it a great trick. Off course it is. Below I have shared the whole steps with images you have to follow. Make sure you follow all the steps and then you will be able to Post in all groups on Facebook in a single click.

Requirements To Post In Multi Groups

Before going to the tutorial, I would like to share the requirements which you need to make it success. Don’t worry with the above line, all the requirements are just basic which you already have. But it is good to take a look.

  • A Facebook Account.
  • You should be a member a lot of groups for more benefit.
  • A PC or Laptop.
  • Account at Ai Poster. (Link given in steps to signup there)
  • Just a little brain ????

So these were the requirements which you need to Post in all Groups on Facebook in just one click. All these are just easy things you need. You can get these easily. So now without talking more, lets move on to the tutorial.

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* Steps to Post in Multi Groups In Single Click –

So friends below is the step by step process which you can use to post in multi groups. Follow all the steps carefully and then you will be able to post in multi groups easily in minutes.

1. First of all, you have to signup at Ai Poster site from below link.

AI Poster

2. Create new account there by entering all your details asked like name, email etc.

3. After signing up, login with your account.

4. Now you will see option of Setting in Top bar. Click on it or click below link to go directly- Click Here

5. Now click on Facebook Accounts.

6. Open a new tab in same browser and log in with your Fb account.

7. Return to the tab of Ai Poster and click on Add/Update Facebook Account option.

Post in All Facebook Group at Once

8. Now click on Authenticate this app and allow permissions to it.

9. Set visibility to public while allowing the permissions to app other wise it won’t work.

10. After done, close tab and return to previous tab and click on Get App Access Token.

11. You will see a token. Copy it.

*Note This :- Sometimes this page shows blank. Don’t worry return to previous page and again click on Get App Access Token. You will get your token.

12. Paste your access token in previous page and click on Add Facebook Account. Click on Close Button.

13. Go to homepage and you will see your groups, pages list here. Select the groups which you want to post. If you want to select all groups, click on Node Name.

14. Enter the messages you want to share and you can also select images, videos. Click on Send Now button.

Post in All Facebook Group at Once

Post in All Facebook Groups at Once

15. Done!!  It will be posted.

*Important – One thing you need to take care of is don’t close the tab, keep it opened for some time otherwise posting will be stopped.

So friends this was the easy process which you can follow to post in all groups which you are member of. It is completely working and easy trick. Also the site used here is trusted and you will not face issue. 

Make sure you don’t use this trick very much regularly. Use it in gap of some days other wise Fb may spot your account as spam and ban it.This is the only pre-caution you should take care of to protect your account while using this trick. Otherwise the trick is great. So what you are waiting for? Go and use it now to promote your stuff.

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#Alternative Method To Post in All Facebook Gropus at Once

One more method i am going to share to Post In All Facebook Groups at once. This is also a easy method but time Consuming. without Wasting your time let’s start.

First Of All You Need To Collect The Username of All The Groups in which you wants to Post at Once ant make a List of all Username of Facebook Groups.

 Open The Group in the Browser and Get the Username From The URL. 

For Ex- if the Group URL is then username is ‘supportmeindia

Now Collect Username of All The Facebook Groups where you wants to Post at once.

Now it’s time to create email address of those groups from their Usernames, it is too easy so Don’t Worry. Just add after the username of all the Groups (like- [email protected]) and paste all the groups email Addresses into Notepad.

*Post In Multiple Facebook Groups at Once 

Once you have made a complete list of Facebook Groups email address list then, you have to start your Main Task to Post in Multiple Facebook Groups at Once.Simply follow the Below Steps –

Open Gmail and Login to Your Gmail Account with which your Facebook Account has Registered. or which is set as your primary email in your Facebook Account.

After that Click On Compose Mail Option.

Now in Bcc Field paste all the email address of groups which you have collected using Above Steps.

Now enter your Post/Image or anything else which you wants to share in all Groups at Once and Click On Send Button

To Check –  Go To any of the group and you will see that your Post has been successfully Posted.

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Final Words

So friends this was today’s we shared on the topic: How to post in all groups on Facebook in one click? It is a completely easy process to follow and you can easily do this. I personally use this trick is it is 100% working fine. So you will not have any issues regarding the working of this trick. I did a lot of things and found a lot of ways to post in all groups on Facebook. But it is one of them easiest method as it doesn’t require any great thing like the old ones which required script. So just follow all the steps described above and you will get success in the trick.

I hope you understood aIso enjoyed the trick. However if you are still getting any problem in posting to all groups, feel free to drop a comment below. We will try to help you as soon as possible. It time to say bye bit we will be back again with another latest trick. Till then browse our other cool tricks. Stay tuned and updated with us.

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