1. Jinna Mohamed J says

    My Account Was Disable But I Submit My Original Driving Licence But No Response And Respect Pls Back To My Account Very Important Account ?

  2. Jinna Mohamed J says

    The same problem is why Facebook has brought such a change to me that I have some good and some difficulties ?

  3. ashok sharma says

    My Facebook account disabled I want open today please help me

  4. Chedy Canseco says

    Im using facebook for 10 years its ok for me if they only blocked me to post anything so i can see my old pictures since 2007 ,,But my problem is unabled to open now,,Before i recovered it in 3 days but now its almost 7 days its stll unabled,,


  6. Pls sir all my 8 account is disabled.. If open account before 6 hours dey will be saying that my account is disabled… Is any way to work on it… Pls I don’t have account now do to the problem I have in Facebook now

  7. I got my account back this way..but after 2 days..i think some one report about me again my account is each and everything I need to do this again and again…its irritating..

  8. boos my Facebook account copyright a disabled they removed content how to re cover my account plz I’m upset.

  9. My Facebook account was disabled this morning and I can’t access it anymore

  10. Sir plaze my disble accounte recorrye



  12. Last week I created a FB account with my primary email. I had forgotten that about 12 years ago I had created a FB account using my Gmail account but never used it and had not added any friends. I verified my ID with my CDL and cell number and I have sent FB an appeal with a written explanation of my mistake. Both accounts are suspended and in the review process and I asked them to deactivate the second account I mistakenly created. Will this be a serious enough violation for FB to permanently ban me from using them?

  13. My facebook account disabled 2 month ago, everyday try to recover my account but not response gmail. Its 10 years’ old id. what I do bro ? Any possible to recover to disabled account ??

  14. My account is disable for pretending to be someone else

  15. Hello sir my Facebook account was disabled by mistake by your team.its my original account no fake account.i request you to please reopen disabled account soon.Thank you.

  16. Menovikho Mathew Viyie says

    For about 10 years m using fb account n yah my Facebook account is disabled for about 4 days and so I submitted an appeal to Facebook but still disabled pliz try to help me out to recover my account…….
    Is there a possibility to recover my account.???

  17. Mary Brady says

    If all else fails, and you are a US citizen, contact your Senator, the SENATE COMMERCE, SCIENCE AND TRANSPORTATION COMMITTEE members, the US Senate Subcommittee on Communications, Technology, Innovation, and the Internet, and your state’s Attorney General.’s Office. All of these can be contacted online and have a responsibility to their constituents. Matters of egregiously and unfairly limiting public access to this ubiquitous, free platform are a serious matter of discrimination against a class of consumers that needs the attention of our government.

    • Hollie N Madison says

      Thank you. This is at least worth a try. My 13 yr account was disabled 2/16/19 for a completely unknown reason (I don’t cuss, argue nor even post political stuff). I’ve tried appealing and uploading my ID & passport with zero response from FB. I am sick over losing all my kids pictures & my Dad just passed away. So I can’t see our conversations. If I ever get back in (which I have little hope), I’m gonna back up and then will never use it again. I can’t believe I relied on it for all these years for this to happen. I feel so stupid 🙁

  18. Zahoor Ahmed says

    Plz help me in reactivating my personal Facebook account, from last Friday I have send lot of messages to Facebook team but no response plz help me email [email protected] username zahir zahoor rfd Kashmir

  19. Md. Sourov Hossen says

    hi sir my facebook account hes been disibeld please sir recover my account sir.

  20. Kerrie Carvalho says

    Hii!! My fb is disabled. Does not state if my account is permanently or temporarily.. just said your account is disabled. Been almost a month. I have sent in about 3 appeals and haven’t heard back.. I’m still waiting. Any idea on how long it takes to hear back or is my account gone for good? Please help… thank you!

  21. anyone hacked my fb id and did something which made it disabled so i need ur help to recover tried over 50 times bg sbmiting an appeak still not getting enabled

  22. Zahoor Rfd says

    Please recover my disabled Facebook account on 8 March my account has been disabled by Facebook team, I send lot of messages to fb team through help center, but they show no response,, tears running felling in my eyes please help me in recovering my disabled Facebook account
    Please help me for God’s sake

  23. My personal account was disabled
    Hello Sir, my account was mistakenly logged into my friend’s phone. He has done some tax with my account now, when I am logging in my account, I am uploading a photo your face picture Upload & I Upload My Clear Face picture. Please Sir This account open very urgent, Because! My Business Documents information save my Profile. I hope This from solved my account problem & I always respect Facebook Support Comcommunity date birth= 01/01/1991

  24. Tariq Rahim says

    Dear Team My Facebook Account [email protected]
    Has Been Disabled From Last 7 Months
    I have already Complaint Already Send Passport Copy To Facebook Team But Still Pending Still Disabled
    Kindly Forward For Restoration My Facebook Account iam send my complete information about my facebook account
    Here is my information
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    If team need any more information about my account kindly contact my Recovery Email
    [email protected]

  25. Yza Padilla says

    Hello my account was disabled by fb. 2months ago. I already sent an appeal but my problem is i dont have any access to my account, i forgot my email account and the number in my fb is not available. How to know if they send a message if i dont any access ? im so depressed and sad. Please give me some options. Thankyou godbless

  26. Sameer Thaver says


    My account neither says temporary nor permanent…. just says “disabled” and that I’m no longer permitted. It was caused due to a copyright strike (and something also gives the feeling that a complete p*** that I know, who was literally pumping my account with copyright claims… some 80 in total over a 5 month period… some simply for saying Merry Christmas or Happy Easter might have been responsible too)….

    This main one I had dealt with that originally caused a 3 day block for me, (after which, the next day all this disabled nonsense upon me begins)… has in fact been resolved and they even E-mailed Facebook advising them so, and requesting them to reinstate my account… Another quick thing, when I would try these “appeal forms” as a reminder to Facebook to look at things, I would receive the same message about my being disabled…. only SECONDS after pressing the send button. I must ask, am I in serious trouble here with my account or would this in fact be no more than a simple auto-reply? Also, how long do I in fact have to wait for my answer?…. my account has in fact covered me over the span of 12 years and I do need it back…..

  27. sir please help my fb account disalbad
    my name is Md Alal date of barth :1 January 1996

  28. Hello Sir ,

    I have been using my Facebook since 2007, All my pic videos and everything was in there. Yesterday March 23rd 2022 morning 7.30am i recieved a email from facebook that due to copyright from IPL my account is disabled. It sayss that i posted a VDO in 2014. I am ready to delete that VDO. I followed all ur process also even send email to the IPL. now wating hopefully. But as from all this message hear i can see that its a common thing and there accound is not coming back. the thing s that i was able to download all my pic through a link from facebook. But i dont knw how to get my games working whch is linked with Facebook. Espacially PUBG mobile. I am a elite royal pass player and now its not working. Any Help please.

    Facebook ID sajisams

    • Try to recover your account from the steps shared above. there is no any other method you can use to recover your FB id. and Without your Facebook account you can’t access games which were linked to your Facebook account.

  29. Wadih Hanka says

    Unfortunately, I did all that was possible and the steps were available “We previously warned you that if you continued to infringe the rights of third parties, we would terminate your account. Accordingly, your account has been disabled and you are no longer permitted to use Facebook.”
    So I think I can’t return it back any more 🙁
    I am member since 2008

  30. my account has been disabled from october 2022 to this day, and my newer account has been disabled today for no reason i submitted more then 3 times over the time still nothing to do.

    shame facebook acting like that.

  31. Yash sangle says

    Hey sir fb disabled my account permanantly. I don’t do anything on Facebook. But they says that l don’t follow their terms. I am feeling so sad because my pubg account also gone with this. Please give me reply if you help me

  32. kungchuilung kameih says

    my account has disabled since three days back. sir, please help me . please reopen my disabled facebook account..
    my game was pubg mobile.
    Im so sad for the disabled.
    sir. I will delete all the violates file from my account. My account was disable for only this time.. I don’t get any warning by before..suddenly I got ban.sir please do help me..

    your faithfully
    Kungchuilung kameih

  33. AnujSaini says

    sir please help my fb account disalbad

    Koi mari be help kr do

  34. Mohit nick says

    Sir please please please help me…my fb account has been disabled someone gave him wrong information and report to my account ….my email id of fb account is 8053826963

  35. I have not received the message that my FB account is disabled but have failed opening my account as whenever I tried it showed that my account has been disabled,I have made appeal to Facebook about this but did not get any response ,it has been more than a week though.

    ‘But as I have mentioned above I haven’t got any message about my account being permanently disabled .’

  36. Please help me recover my facebook account it was disabled. My account is disabled and as i remembered i haven’t violated Facebook policies.

    Thank you and more power.

  37. My Fb account got hack by some one and now fb saying it’s permanent disable with out my mistake please give me suggestions

  38. Hi, my account has been disabled for 5 days , i did an appeal .. no awnser .. i did nothing wrong in just a normal young women using facebook normaly . Im really worried and its very stressful… is it normal to wait all this time..?

  39. khial Muhammad says

    hello sir my facebook account hes been disibeld please sir recover my account thanks for help

  40. khial Muhammad says

    hello MY FACEBOOK ACCOUNT hes been disibeld please sir recover my account please please please please thanks your help

  41. khial khan says

    Sir, your security system has mistakenly removed my account without any reason. I can prove it. I already submitted my real govt id card details to verify that iam the real person and not using anyones identity. My account has been created with added mail from this add-in! I think this information is enough for opening my account. So please review it and open my account as soon as possible. Thank you.

  42. khumari Alak says

    hi sir my facebook account hes been disibeld please sir recover my account thanks your help

  43. These methods are not working and showing that “We have fewer reviewers available due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, so we can’t review this decision at this time.
    Pls help.

  44. Hello sir, I forgot the email of my facebook.
    How may I know if they message me that they will recover my account? 🙁

  45. Hello,
    I have had 4 fb accounts disabled recently. Long story short, I have since created a new one but have to keep changing sim cards in order to keep it working.
    The correct details such as work email and work mobile are attached to one of my disabled accounts, hence I can’t add them to the fb account I recently created and happy with.
    I really need those details back, not swap sim cards every 5 mins. I other words I can’t use my work details on my account/page.
    How is it possible to get them back to this account?

    Kind regards


  47. Renz B. Beronilla says

    Hi sir. My Fb account was disabled by mistaken. I submit an appeal but upon my submitting and clicking the send button it said that “Unknow error”. What is the meaning of that sir? And May I ask if facebook team said that “Has been disabled” is it permanently or temporarily disabled?

  48. Alzed Ansari says

    Hi Facebook – My Real Name is ANSARI MOHAMMAD ALZAID and my Nickname is Alzed Ansari on Facebook Profile i am sending you my identity proof

    You have disabled my facebook account without any reason,,there is no any wrong with my facebook account

    Sir i am not able to access my facebook account i can not contact my Customers family & Friends

    Email – [email protected]

    Please Reopen My facebook Account,Thank Youp

  49. Hey Thank You So Much for sharing wonderful trick with us.

  50. Pushpak Gohil says

    thanks for sharing fb tricks

  51. Dipak Bhatt says

    I am Dipak Bhatt from India please help me my facebook account Disabled ineligible solutions please help me. I request to you please

  52. सत्येन्द्र आर्य says

    I am unable to reach that link which go to recover Facebook disable id
    Sir my fb name is सत्येन्द्र आर्य and mobile no. 9905364081 which has been stolen and another linked no. Is 9905908009

    Please recover my id sir

  53. sir,

    is there any possible way to recover my account? It seems like it was permanently disabled. my account was hacked a year ago. can you help me on this?


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    • Amir khan says

      Hey sir my account is disabled without any reason so how i open it now please help

    • khial Muhammad says

      Sir,Your security system Sir, your security system has mistakenly removed my account without any reason. I can prove it. I already submitted my real govt id card details to verify that iam the real person and not using anyones identity. My account has been created with added mail from this add-in! I think this information is enough for opening my account. So please review it and open my account as soon as possible. Thank you.

    • Karan Mehra says

      Sir my id is block from last more thn one year my real document I have lot of important things and message on that if please Mark sir please please I’m beging u please 🙏😞
      It more than one year now my name is Karan mehra I kept different name endeavor Cruz
      Please change my name to Karan Mehra
      Sir I sended u my all real document my voter id my adhaar card my marksheet please check it 😭😞
      Give my id back sir

    • Thanks Lucio and keep visiting For more such stuffs

    • My account appeal process looked different to the image shown I created account using mobile number I’ve sent proof of who I am will it still be possible to regain account back .my name’s real

  55. vijendra sagar says

    sir my account disable not open 7 days why …. i submit govt id proof plz help me sir

  56. Felix Engdahl says

    Hi, i have been waiting in like1-2 weeks now, is that normal? I’m so sad 😭

  57. Hello sir
    I am ankush my account was disabled last month and facebook says your account was disabled

  58. Vijendra kumar sagar says

    Sir my account dusable 35 days ..i submits govt id proff .my account temperary blocked ..sir my account persan not fake name ….bt i dont know why my account open

  59. I Forget my Email. Account now how can i get my temporary disable account.?

  60. MD Sharifuzzaman says

    My facebook account recently disabled. Please help me…
    My facebook id name: MD Sharifuzzaman
    Date of birth: 04 Jan 1994
    FB gmail : [email protected]
    FB Phone: +8801997295296

  61. how did you know if you fb account has been permanently disabled? Will FB inform you if you log in?

  62. Adnan S Sami As says

    Hello sir your security system has been disabled my real facebook account now I am
    reopen my real facebook account.
    Thanks facebook team

  63. Sachin parjapti says

    Please enable my facebook account

  64. My facebook account has disabled my email no mach my number difrant password older my email se iogn Karen paar password dlan paar oladr password frogat Karen paar account disabled my hlap place

  65. May name adil khan

  66. My facebook account has disabled my account reaa opan place sir my real account

  67. My account has been disabled by facebook and ive recieved an email that they wont recover it for any reason but i dont get the permanently disabled message when trying to log in.

  68. abdul kafoor says

    help brother plez

  69. hi sir my facebook account Your Account Has Been Disabled
    For more information, or if you think your account was disabled by mistake, please visit the Help Center.
    please help

    • Follow all the above steps carefully. If facebook found your account genuine and you haven’t violated any facebook policy then your account will be recover within . 6-7 days.

  70. Hi Sir,

    My FB account recently got disabled. Now, i cant access the email i have registered there anymore so if i send my ID im afraid that i wont be able to open the registered email address. Is there anyway for me to re open my account?

    Thank you

  71. Nancy Florentino says

    i only have one facebook account for over 10yrs and been using it mostly for personal. last 2012 i’ve used it for posting ads for unilever and yesterday i’ve got a notice about copyright infringement. they deleted the post and permanently disabled my account. all my pictures and memories of my my father who passed away last 2016 in there and would really appreciate any help if this could be recovered ???

    • If your account was genuine and you haven’t violated any policies then you can simply recover it by using the following steps shared in above article. and as u mentioned u got a notice about copyright infringement then It may be difficult to recover your account. Still, you have to try at least once.

  72. I have shared all possible methods to recover disabled account. try them, then also if you are unable to recover then you can’t recover it at any cost 🙁

  73. Hi My Account has Been Disabled I Appealed But Not Opening Can U Tell Me That In How Much Time It Will Be Enabled.

  74. Hello. I filled out the appeal form 3 times and they have yet to respond to me. I don’t believe that my page is permanently disabled, because it doesn’t say that when I try to log in. Is there another way to contact them other than the appeal page? I want to know if I’m ever going to get it back, or if I can at least have access to it for 24 -48 hours so that I can download and save all of my photos and Contacts. I’m not able to make a new page bwcause they delete them when I try. Please help me. I’m super sad about this. I lost all my business and family contacts ????????????????

    • As i have mentioned above in the article that don’t appeal again and again, otherwise your account will disable permanently. Wait for sometime, you will surely get any rely from facebook. There is no other method to recover disabled account. I have mentioned all possible methods in above article. 🙁

  75. Sir Pliz Ricver My Accoun My Persanal Account Disble Sir pliz Ricver my account love facebook team

  76. My personal account had been disabled by facebook community.
    It had been by mistake.
    I am using my account since long time.
    I follow all rules and regulations of fb.
    I can gave answer of any type of question regarding my account.
    For identification i am sending u my govt issued ID Card.
    Plz confirm my identity and activate my account.
    I shall be very thankful to u for this act of kindness.

  77. My facebook account has disabled my account reaa opan place

  78. Muhammad ayaz says

    Facebook team please help me my account was disable by mistake please help me i attach my government id please help me  my account is [email protected]

  79. Sher bahadur khatri says

    This Is My Personal Facebook Account I am a Real Person And This Facebook Owner Beacuse I Use Real Authentic Name Identity Card.I Send You My Government Issue , Pan Card You Can Check It Again Carefully I Am Not Fake Person.
    Please Open Personal Facebook Account I Believe It Disabled By Mistakely Please Open Account Now You Can Check My Date Of Birth And ID Proof I Request You Please Reactivate My Facebook Account Please Sir/Madam Pay Attention On My Request.
    Facebook Account Name – Sher Bahadur Khatri
    Date Of Birth – 10/08/1996

    Thanking You Facebook Team.

    • Hey, Sher bahadur khatri

      Sorry to hear that from you. We don’t have any official method to recover your Facebook account. The only method we found on the internet to recover disabled IDs has been shared above. Now If you think your account was disabled by mistake then follow all the steps shared above carefully. If your account was real and you haven’t posted anything against their policies then I hope you’ll get your account back

  80. Hi admin Iam having a problem here my facebook account was disabled so I’ve try to appeal and identify all the facebook friend name and after that I go through to additional information and fill it and I submit it but it said ‘error occurred while submitting the form.Okay then I go through to an appeal form and fill it and I also submitted the ID picture but when I submit the form said “couldn’t process your request . We couldn’t process your request please try again later. So I don’t know what to do anymore Ian disparate need your help to get back on my account

    • Maybe you are missing something while filling out the form. Please fill the form correctly & don’t try to upload fake documents. use all details real while filling out the form.

      • My fb account get disabled. Already submit appeal with work ID and driving license. Waited for 5 days, but no response. Why

  81. I have submitted an appeal Facebook replied that you have violated the Facebook terms
    But when I log in it shows only account is disabled ..
    When I tried to create a new account it is also getting disabled what to do

  82. Sunil dutt rao says

    Hey friends please help me my fb account was disabled for unknown reasons
    And I filled an appeal to fb will u please tell me how much time it takes to get back my fb account

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