How To Use Animated GIF Images As Wallpaper in Android

Use GIF Image As Wallpaper in Android : are you searching for the same the, you are at right page. Below in this tutorial i am going to share an amazing trick to Set Gif Image as Android Wallpapers. Nowadays GIF Images are very trend for social media networks such as Whatsapp, Instagram etc. We have already shared an awesome trick to Create Whatsapp With US Number so also checkout this. GIF Images are part of internet since 1980’s.  there are millions of GIF Images available on internet. these are the videos which play in low quality Without audio. these images are mostly used on social media networks. so if you wants  to use such type of GIF Images as Android wallpaper the, here below is the tutorial for this. Let’s checkout this. and Also Read- Funny Whatsapp Group Names

Yet there is no feature available on Android devices to Set GIF Images as Android Wallpaper, but as you know Everything is available on Google these are Many apps available on google play store to use GIF Image as Android Wallpaper. In this tutorial i am using AnimGIF Live Wallpaper 2 Lite in below steps. this is one of the best app for every android version to set GIF Image as Wallpaper in android phone. this is one of the best app and free to use. it consume little power and support all android version. it allow multiple GIFs and can handle GIF files of any size. So Now What are you waiting for Download the app and use Any GIF Image as android Wallpaper. we have already shared Trick to Backup Android Contacts so also check this.

Use Animated GIF Images As Wallpaper

Use Animated GIF Images As Wallpaper

Here Below i am sharing two methods to Set GIF Images as Wallpaper in Android phone. so you can use any of them. both of them re well working without any issue. In another method i’m going to use Loop wall which is also a very popular app and used by many android users to set gif image as android phone wallpaper. So here is a light app that will enable you to set GIF Images on Android Wallpaper. Simply download the app from Google Play Store for free, install it, and then using it set GIF Image on Android Wallpaper.

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#1)  AnimGIF Live Wallpaper 2 Lite : Use Animated Gif Images As Wallpaper in Android 

In this method you need to download and install AnimGIF Live Wallpaper app in your android phone. There is a PRO version of the app as well which doesn’t display a watermark on your GIF’s. check out these below simple steps and use GIF image as Wallpaper in android phone.

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Use Animated GIF file as wallpaper

  • First Of All Download AnimGIF Live Wallpaper from Play store, and after that install and open the app n your android phone.
  •  Now, select AnimGIF LWP 2 (top) to start adding your Favourite GIF files as Live Wallpapers.
  • Now tap on arrow from the corner to view main settings.

Set GIF Image as Wallpaper in Android

  • Now Choose Set GIF File Option to choose your desired GIF Image as wallpaper from your SD Card.

Set Gif Image as android wallpaper

  • Now Browser the location where you have saved or downloaded GIF Images and select any GIF image which you want to set as your android phone’s wallpaper.

GIF Image as wallpaper in android

  • The size of GIF Image will set to ‘Fit Best’ by default if you wants to change it then, click on settings and  then choose Image fitting mode option and select the option that suits your file.  if you don’t want to make changes then simply Hit on ‘Set Wallpaper’ option.

Gif as Wallpaper in android Method

  • Also, you can customize your GIF Wallpaper Background color, to change it Simply select Set Background color to access the colour sliders.

Trick to use GIF Image as Android Wallpaper

  • You can, also choose GIF File to act as your lock screen wallpaper by Other GIF on lock screen’ box.

Many other settings are also available in main settings area using which you can customize your GIF wallpaper according to you and set GIF Image as Android Wallpaper.

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Set GIF as Wallpaper on Android with LoopWall

So here below is one more method to Set GIF Image as Wallpaper. this method is also easy to use. many android users use thismethod to use gif image as wallpaper in android so i decided to to share this method with you. now without wasting your time. lets see the below steps.

Features of LoopWall :

  • Option to add gif images
  • Simple, fast, light to use
  • Minimized design
  • Simple to use
  • Optimized battery life
  • Provide new images every week
  • and More……

⇒ Download and install Loopwall app from below url and follw the simpe steps to Set Gif Image As Android Wallpaper.

Download LoopWall (Play Store)

Simply download loop wall from above link and then you have to follow some simple steps to Set Any GIF image as your android phone’s wallpaper. here below is an screenshot of all the steps. Must check – Best Mission Android Games

Set GIF Image as Wallpaper in android

So i have shared two methods above to Set GIF Images as wallpaper in android. now i hope can set any type of gif image as wallpaper in your android phone. Both the methods which i have shared above are well working so you have no need to worry about it. simply follow the steps.

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Last Words :- 

So guys this is our today’s article on ‘How To Set GIF Image as Wallpaper in mobile‘ and i hope you have learned something new today. guys this is t he easiest way to use gif images as wallpaper in android. if you have a android phone wth good battery backup like- Redmi then you can use this trick in your phone but if you have android phone which have low battery backup then i will suggest you not to use gif image as wallpaper in your android phone. because it consumes high battery power and will make your phone slow working. So before trying above methods make sure that your android phone have good battery backup otherwise keep Image as wallpaper in your android phone. Also Read-  Run Two Whatsapp In Same Phone

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