All Working Wapka Phishing Codes & Scripts Collection

Wapka Phishing Scripts are Available Here. if you are searching for the same then, Don’t Worry Now you don’t need to search for this anywhere else. Phishing Codes are Variables which send you data to the Admin of website or page. Wapka Phishing is very popular Nowadays among young boys in order to get their victim’s account username and password.

If you didn’t know about how to get anyone’s account username and password then, don’t worry just read this article carefully. Below I am Going To Share All Wapka Phishing Codes. Many of you have searched on Google for the Wapka Scripts but in many sites, Wapka codes are shared which are not working Now. So I Searched For working Wapka phishing Codes and Created a Collection which I am Going To Share in Below Section.  Also, Check – Change fb name Before 60 days


 Wapka Facebook Phishing Codes 2022

Facebook Phishing is getting more and more popular nowadays. You can easily hack your victim’s password using wapka phishing codes. You need to Create Wapka Phishing Site using these below shared Phishing codes collection. It is very simple to make a Facebook phishing website. But sometimes It shows a blank page on your phishing site. Don’t worry I have also mentioned a solution to this issue. I have shared all the steps to create a new phishing website. So don’t waste your much more time and let’s take a look at Wapka Phishing Codes 2022

Wapka Phishing is trending Nowadays. In order to get your Victim’s Password and username of his/her social media network, you need to create a Phishing Website or Page and for that, you need Wapka Phishing Codes or you can say Wapka Phishing Script. Many of you have searched For Wapka Codes, but those codes are no more working Now.

You can simply create a New Phishing Website by using Wapka Script So, I decided to help you to create a Free Wapka Phishing Website by sharing these Wapka Codes & Script Below. these codes are 100 % Working. I have tried these codes and created a phishing website which is well Working Now.  So let’s take a look at WML/XHTML Phishing codes collection.

FB Phishing Wapka Codes

Facebook Phishing is very common nowadays. Most of the peoples know about Facebook Phishing. It is becoming a popular method to hack facebook accounts. There are lots of Facebok Phishing Methods and Wapka is one of the most popular from them. But Some Peoples don’t know about how to hack FB account by wapka phishing. If you are one them, then don’t worry I am sharing a step by step tutorial to Hack a FB account by Facebook Wapka Phishing Codes. To hack any facebook account, the first thing you need is FB Phishing Codes. Even I have also shared Working Facebook Wapka Codes in below section. So you don’t need to do anything extra. Just Follow all steps carefully and enjoy :-p FB Waka Hacking.

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Many Fake Wapka websites are created nowadays For Facebook Phishing, Gmail account phishing. You can also create Wapka website free if you want your victim’s username & password of any social media network account then these WML/ XHTML Scripts will make your work easy. by using these codes you can simply create Free Wapka Phishing websites without learning Programming & coding language. we are not responsible if anything bad happens with you by doing such type of illegal activity. Must Check- Girls Attitude DPs


Wapka Phishing Codes & Script 2022

Paytm Gmail Wapka Phishing Codes

We will share, all types of Scripts including How to make Facebook Phishing Website, Paytm phishing code, Phishing code for auto liker site and all. Just copy the codes from below Section and paste them in your website. these codes are well working without any doubt and you can also share your views regarding these codes in the comment section. if any of the shared codes are not working then, you can tell us using the comment section, we will try to update Wapka Phishing codes with the latest working codes. Must Check Cute Whatsapp DPs

Here below codes are non-detectable codes specially created by our team for our readers, so that you can use these codes to create Wapka phishing websites without any issue. If you are a well Programmer and you know about coding then, you can edit these codes according to your requirement to make your website more attractive for your victims. Earlier I was posted about Create Unlimited Facebook Accounts Without Numbers, also check this. So Now It’s time to share All Wapka Phishing Codes and Script which I have collected for you all, Let’s check out below.

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Facebook Phishing Code | Autoliker Wapka Code

Here Below are some cool designed Wapka Codes to create a Wapka Phishing website. these are already well designed by me so you don’t need to edit these codes. simply copy any of your desired codes and paste it in your website. these codes are non-detectable so you have no need to worry about your website.

Facebook Phishing Code & Script

Autoliker Wapka Code

So guys these are some Wapka Phishing Codes which I have collected for you. these all codes are non-detected so don’t worry about it. No one can detect that your wapka site is fake or real if you use these above codes. these codes are coded by a good programmer,  But if you don’t know about programming languages such as HTML, PHP and CSS, then you are unable to make any scripts or web pages.

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Now, its time to share methods to create Wapka Website by using these codes. Below I am Going to share two methods to create Facebook Phishing website by using above Wapka script and without script.  if you don’t know anything about how to create a website then, I have one more method to create Wapka Phishing site without using any Script or Code. Below are the two methods for Facebook Phishing one is by creating Wapka Phishing website using Wapka code and script and another is without using any code or Wapka Script. it depends on you which one you use for Facebook Phishing. Let me share this fabulous phishing trick with you.

Create Phishing Website On Wapka (Using Wapka Script)

if you don’t know how to create a website on Wapka then, don’t worry and follow these steps. By using these simple steps you can create a New Wapka Phising website for you.

  •  First of All visit and Register on it. after registration verify your Email ID.

Phishing Using Wapka Script

  •  Now, click on ‘Create site’ and then click on Manage option.

Wapka Phishing sites

  • Now, click on ‘Admin Mode‘, after clicking on it a White page will appear and you will see a ‘Edit Site‘ Button click on it.
  • You will see many option search for “WML/XHTML code” and click on it
  • A new Page will appear, Copy and paste your Phishing Code in Blank box and set alignment as center and Place WML code ‘At the Top‘ and Click on Submit.

That’s it Now Your Phishing website is ready and you can share it with your Victims or friends in order to get their Facebook Account email and password.

Now its time to check that your website is working properly or not. so to check you need to open Phishing website that you have created and login with any Fake email and password. now check your email that you have used during registration. You will got entered email and password instantly on your email.

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Create Wapka Phishing Website Using Wapka Codes:

You can design your website as like you want, but only if you are expert in Coding, HTML. without knowledge of HTML you can’t code any Wapka Phishing Script. so if you don’t know anything about Coding then, simply use Wapka Phishing Codes that I have shared above. these all are well designed and non-detectable codes.

*Note : Phishing is an illegal activity so we are not responsible for any damage or harm happen to you by creating Phishing Websites. we have shared these scripts and Codes only for Educational Purpose not for the illegal activities.

Important : One Common issue that I have seen everyone is facing is that Wapka show Blank page when we visit our website in such case you need to create a new website because your old website is detected and got blocked.

Below I’m also sharing one more method for Facebook Phishing without Wapka. you can use this method for Facebook Phishing if your website is getting blocked again and again. In this Method you don’t need to use any Wapka Phishing Code. it is a simple method for Facebook Phishing so take a look on it.

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Facebook Phishing (Without Using Wapka Script)

This is another method for phishing accounts but it is only applicable for Facebook Phishing. In this method you don’t need to create any type of Wapka Phishing site. Let’c checkout this method.

1) . First of All Go to Shadowave and sign up on it.


Facebook Phishing codes

2). Enter you username, Password, email and your complete details and click on Sign Up Button.


Phishing without Wapka

3). Now after registering on Shadowave login to your account and then, choose Phishing Scama. you can use Facebook Profile or facebook app scama.

Facebook Phishing Profile

4). Now Design your Phishing Profile according to your requirement. Choose profile picture, Cove photo, Name and fill your details for your Phishing Profile.


Fb Phishing without wapka code

5). After Drafting your profile Click on ‘Create‘ Option

6). At last click on ‘Click Here‘ button to get your Phishing Profile Link.

Wapka phishing codes

Now you can share your profile URL with your victims or with your friends to get their username and Password of their Facebook account.

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How I get my victim’s username and password?

If this question appearing in your mind then, don’t worry. It is so simple when your victim opens the URL and click on add friend button then it will ask to Login and for that he/she will enter his/her Facebook account email and password and at the same instant after logging in you will get his/her email and password in your shadowave account.

This Method of Wapka Phishing is most popular Nowadays. this is the best Wapka Method I have shared with you. You can get any of your victim’s Facebook Password using this Method. I hope this article gave you what you are searching for many days. Always remember Phishing is an illegal activity so try this method on your own responsibility. this trick is only for the Fun purpose not to harm someone’s Accounts. I hope you have learned something new from this article. Isn’t it True? let me tell in the Comment Section.

Final Words

So, guys, these are all ‘Wapka Phishing Codes & Script collection‘. these are the best codes specially coded by me for my readers. you can use these Wapka Codes directly on Wapka to create a Phishing website. a common issue that everyone is facing in Wapka phishing site is that when you open your website it will show you a blank page this is because your site is detected and Blocked but Don’t worry I have also shared another Method For Facebook Phishing without using Wapka Code. You can use this method for Facebook Phishing this method is 100% working and personally tested by me. you can use these Facebook phishing code, facebook phishing WML/XHTML code directly in your website to create a well designed Phishing Website.

If you have any query regarding this article then, you can ask by using the comment section below. I will try my best to solve your problem. You can also share your views regarding Wapka Scripts that I have shared above. Keep visiting our site for More Tips and Tricks. and take a look on Some Best Cool Whatsapp Group Names


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