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Whatsapp Dare Games are popular trends these days. Dare Games For Whatsapp are fun games which you can play with your girlfriend. Today in this post i am back with some new, Whatsapp Dare Questions for Gf and also with their answers. Whatsapp is the most used Social Messaging app all over the world. It provides many great features and you can stay connected with your family members, friends, brothers, sisters, friends etc. Now a days we all have noticed the craze of Whatsapp dare messages between new generation people. It is really a very interesting thing to send Dare Messages to your GF on Whatsapp. These Whatsapp Dare Games are also effective in keeping your Whatsapp group active and members checking it regularly. I am going to share some Whatsapp Dare Questions with Answers in today’s article.

Whatsapp Quiz for Couples are trending nowadays. Everyone loves to play games on whatsapp with their lovers. You just need to find interesting game to play. Here Today, I am going to share some cool Whatsapp Dares Quiz for boyfriends & Girlfriends. I have collected these games from unique sources and you can’t find such Games anywhere else. Just scroll down that page and pick up your desired Dare game to play with your crush or lover.

Whatsapp Dares For Girlfriend GF

The only and very important rule of these whatsapp dare games is that everyone should play fair with honesty. By sending these dare questions you can ask your girlfriend to do some work for you. A great thing about these Whatsapp Dare Games is that they can be played by everyone. All type of Whatsapp Truth Messages are available in our collection. So why are you waiting for ? Scroll Down and find suitable Whatsapp Dare Messages for Girlfriend. Also Set Whatsapp DP Without Crop. You can find almost all  WhatsApp truth and dare, Whatsapp funny dare messages, Whatsapp dare for Bf/Gf, Whatsapp smiley dare, WhatsApp dare choose smiley and many more in our collection.

Whatsapp have improved a lot since the day we all have started using it but this fact is true that its features are limited to an extant. People have found different way to have fun on whatsapp and today I am very happy as I am also going to provide one of them to all of you. You will find latest Whatsapp Messages for GF and your friends to do some fun. Lets take a look on these WhatsApp Puzzles Dares For Lovers.

Whatsapp Dare Messages
Whatsapp Dare Messages

Whatsapp Dare Games & Questions for Girlfriend

All most everyone of us definitely loves to play whatsapp games with our lover. By sending funny dare messages for Whatsapp, you can see your friends doing some stupidity. Today we have a large collection of  whatsapp question and answers, funny dare messages, funny dare questions, Whatsapp dare puzzles which add wings to your personality for sometime at least at whatsapp. Because Whatsapp Dare games are not completely similar as the normal Dare Game so people have developed Whatsapp Smiley Dare which have some different rules to play. The interesting part is you don’t to select any number but instead of that you will be asked to select any smiley and on the behalf of your selection, you will be provided your Whatsapp Dare. We recently shared a trick to Use 2 Whatsapp in 1 Phone you should check it.

Whatsapp Dare Games and Questions With Answers

Lots of Whatsapp games are being played now a days from which Whatsapp Dare Quiz is most loved one. Many peoples search for Dare Games for Friends to spent some time with their friends with joy and laughter. These questions will surely improve your friendship bonding strong with your friend. Research says playing Whatsapp Dare Games and answering all questions with correct will surely develop confidence and you will be able to face the world without worrying about anything. All Lovers like to search for Whatsapp Games for Couples so they can play with their Girlfriend and Boyfriend. If you go on google then you have seen many websites shown their but we have selected some of the best Whatsapp Quiz, Messages, Question for Girlfriend. Earlier i was Posted About Funny Whatsapp Group Names, Don’t forget to check

After doing a long research on internet I have collected some of the most popular and interesting Whatsapp Dares of all time like Whatsapp Naughty Dare for Girlfriend. The cool thing is that you will get all these thing from our website. Whatsapp is now worlds most used Social Media Messaging  app in the world after all it is now owned by facebook. Everyone loves to chat with their friends, boyfriend or girlfriend and it is only possible because of Whatsapp, but how would it be if we add some more fun in this. Life can become very boring at any point of time, if we don’t add humor in it. I am quite sure about that these Whatsapp Funny Questions will make you and your friends laugh out loud which will decrease your stress.

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Whatsapp Smiley Dare Games

We have already wasted much time in discussing about our topic so now lets check out what we have for you but before that lets have a look on What are Whatsapp Dare Games ?? It is very necessary to know about it before you use them. These are basically Whatsapp games in which you have to send some Dare questions or Truth questions and other have to do that task. You can ask others to choose any Smiley, alphabet or any number according to which he/she will get a dare. We are giving you many Whatsapp Dare Games Messages in this post, you can scroll down till you find desired Whatsapp Game for Girlfriend. Also Check- Whatsapp Love Profile Pics

Funny WhatsApp Dare Games is mostly searched by couples on internet. So I decided to share some best funny Whatsapp games so that you can play with your friends and lovers. You can find many other websites on google with lots of Latest Whatsapp Dares but they do not update their article with Unique Funny Whatsapp Messages that’s why they’re getting old. But Don’t Worry I have added only latest games for whatsapp which are unique and most popular nowadays. I am updating this article regularly so bookmark this page for latest Whatsapp Dare Games & Messages.

Whatsapp Dare Message for Friends

To live a life I need a heartbeat????
To have a heartbeat????I need a heart❤
To have a heart❤I need happiness☺
To have happiness☺I need a friends????????
For a friends????????I need all my friends like u…

Whatsapp Dare Games for Friends

Question :- Select any number from 1 to 10 and I’ll tell your dare ????
1. Send a voice note saying that You love me.
2. Take a picture of yourself & send it to me now
3. Send a picture of your crush
4. Ignore me ????
5. Tell me a secret about you ????
6. Tell me something you always wanted to say but you couldn’t
7. Make my picture your dp for 1 day
8. Send me a pic of your legs
9. Who am I for You.
10. be my slave for 2 days

WhatsApp Dare Games for Lovers

Mujh se pehli baar baat kar ke apne kya socha tha sbko send kro jis se bat nhi krte ho use bhi or dekho sbki aapke bare me soch????

1. I love u YAR.
2. Bht Sharif hai.
3. Bht ziddi hai.
4. Bht btamiz hai.
5. Bht PyarA hai.
6. Bht nice hai.
7. Bht cute hai.
8. Bht frndly hai.
9. Bht loving hai.
10. Bht atitude hai.
11. kash is sy dosti ho jaye.
12. yr natural beauty hai is me.
13. bht nakhre hai isk
15. bht serious hai:’
16. bht masoom hai.
Reply honestly
i never mind.
Rly is must.. Waiting ….

WhatsApp Dares For Couples

Select any 😀 number and I will send you dare for your selected number.

❤ 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 , 7 , 8 , 9

1). 😀 Rate Me in looks from 1 to 10

2). 😀 Make my picture your Facebook DP

3). 😀 Be My one day Girlfriend

4). 😀 You have to Kiss me

5). 😀 Propose Me

6). 😀 Hug Me

7). 😀 What type of qualities you expect from your boyfriend/girlfriend

8). 😀 What do you like the most in me ?

9). 😀 Tell me your crush Name


Whatsapp Smiley Dare

Dare: Select any smiley and i will send you your dare ????

😀 😀 😀  😆 😆 😆 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂


  •  😀 – Tell me something about your personal life.
  • 😀 – Give me Cadbury silk when u meet me.
  • 😆 – Write my name on your status for 6 hours.
  • 😀 – How you want me to be?
  • 😆 – Send me your crush picture.
  • 😀 – Write your status saying you love me.
  • 😛 – Put my DP as your for 2 day
  • 😆 – Send me your funniest picture.

Funny Whatsapp Games

Question :-What is love and explain in details ? ( 16 marks)


Arts Student…….
Answer: Love is life.

(marks : 5 out of 16 )

Law Student……
Answer : Love is pain.

( marks : 5 out of 16 )

commerce Student……
Answer : Love is god

( marks : 5 out of 16 )

Science Student……..
Answer :
.- Definition:
A serious disorder of heart due to relationship between men & women that can cause death of 1 or both depending on the resistance associated

1 sided & 2 sided

– AGE:
Usually occurs in teenages but nowdays can be found in any age

Phone Addiction


Anti-LOVE ❤ therapy by Father’s Shoe
-Mother’s Sandal……

(marks 16 of 16 )

❤Excellent !!
Don’t ask science students ,
They can stretch any thing for 16 marks !

So guys these are collection of best Whatsapp Dare Games which can be played with your boyfriend and girlfriend. Select the best to send to your friends and lovers and have sum fun with them. It will take some time to get reply from your friends but i am damn sure his reply will be loved by you. We will soon update this collection sorry for the inconvenience.

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Final Words

Finally coming to the end of the post i want to ask you, how was our collection Whatsapp Dare Games ? Did you really liked it ? I am pretty sure that you have loved Whatsapp Dare Quiz. The best part of this post was Whatsapp Naughty Dare Messages and Whatsapp Smiley Dare. If you have played all those games with your friends and need more than don’t hesitate to comment below we will soon update our article and add some more dare games in it. We have covered almost all types of Whatsapp Dare Games which are played now a days by people. You may also like Boys DP For Whatsapp 

These Whatsapp Games looks so attractive and interesting that everyone will get involved in them instead of  ignoring them. I hope you had a great time with us. You can also check our website for more interesting articles like than. We will update this article as soon as we get some new dare games till then stay tuned stay blessed.

Whatsapp Dare Games – Naughty, Funny Dare, Messages & Questions
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