(2 Methods) Install And Use Any App Twice In Any Android Device

Install And Use Any App Twice In Single Android Device | No Root Require

Hope you all guys are reading and enjoying our regularly posted Tips and tricks. Today we are here with a new trick for you.I wanna ask you Are you looking for what I typed in heading? Of course that’s why you are here..  Have you tried to install an app two times on your smartphone? If you got success then its good but if you failed, even then you don’t need to worry as you are at the right place. We are going to share step by step guide for installing the same more than one time on your phone.
People often try to install apps like facebook, whatsapp, hike etc, two times to run more than one account on same phone. Most of them fails. I guarantee you also have tried.If you want to use more than one account, on Facebook you can simply logout and login to your account. But when it comes to whatsapp, hike it becomes a problem. If you will try to clear data of whatsapp and configure another account, then it will become a lengthy process and time consumable.

Install Any App Twice in one Device
Whatsapp, facebook, Instagram are Very Popular Social Networks Nowadays. Everyone Use Whatsapp ,Facebook in their android device. if we wants to use two Whatsapp, Facebook Accounts in same Device then we are unable to run Because their is no feature available For any android version to Run two Accounts in same device. To get Solution for this problem we searched o Google, thousands of Methods are Available on Google but From them some Are Working. But guys This Method which i am going to share is best and 100% Working without any issue. So From Today you can run two Accounts of Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram in same device. So Now Without Wasting Your Time Let’s Start the tutorial for which you are here.
In this article I am going to share the best method to Install the same app 2 times. For this you don’t need to root your phone. You can also do the thing in rooted phone, but when you can easily install same app multiple times by following this guide, why waste your time in rooting and taking risk of breaking your phone.
If you are searching for this article but didn’t get, then this post is specially written for you. There are also many articles on web which specify this but most of them require rooted phone which is not a good thing for your phone as it may break your phone down.
But you don’t need to worry as I am going to share the step by step guide to install the same app multiple times on your phone.

Requirements to install an app two times without Root-

Below are the basic requirements needed to install same app twice on your phone. Don’t worry, all the things are basic and easy, there is no big requirement, you can easily manage all the things listed below.
Look at basic requirements below:
  • Non rooted android( this is not necessary as you can also do it on rooted phone) 
  • Android version 4.0 or above. ( The trick will not work in phones having version lower than 4.0).
  • Parallel Space app( Download link of app is given below in the guide. 
  • Make sure your phone has sufficient space to manage data of two accounts. 
So friends these were the basic requirements needed for the trick. You can easily manage all these requirements. The download link is provided by me in the guide below. So you don’t need to visit anywhere other for anything.

 Parallel Space

Parallel space is a container app for android devices. This app provides virtualised,  isolated environment and allows apps to run inside. So with this app you can run any app as secondary and create multiple accounts.Like-Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, And Many Other Apps Which Have More Than One Account. You Can Create Two Accounts Of Anything By Using Parallel Space.

Steps to install and Use Same App twice in Same Phone:-

So friends we are going to start the tutorial. First of all make sure that you have all the basic requirements provided by me above. Then follow the steps given below. If you have tried this method before, but failed,  Then feel free and use the steps given below. 
1). First of all you simply need to download an app named Parallel Space. Download the app from Above given link. {Click Here}.

2). After installing, open the app.

3). After opening you will see a lot of apps already installed on your phone.

4). Click on the app which you want to install two times. It will start and create clone of selected app. 

5). Within some time, process will complete and clone will be created.

 6). Now the cloned app will be opened and it will run like an app which is first time installed on your phone. (See below screenshot).  
Now You can Run any Of App Twice in Same Device, I have Shown Above by Running Whatsapp Twice in Single Device. Guys i Hope you have Enjoyed Our Today’s Article without any issue. this Trick is 100% Working as i Have Tested This Personally, so you have no need to worry about this will work or not. Guys Parallel space is the best working app to use any App Twice in same Device. in Other Websites Different Methods are Available but i will suggest you to use this App to Run Any App Twice in Same Device. There is No Other Alternatives available which are working to use any App Twice in same device.

Alternative Way to Clone Any Android App

Guys one More method i have founded to Clone any App and Run in same device. This is Also a Easy and working method to Run Any App Twice in Same Device.
  • First Of All Download Lucky Patcher
  •  Install and Open the app.
  • Tap on The App of Which you wants to create clone in Your Android Device.
  •  Click on ‘Tools’ in Drop Down Menu and Simply select “Clone Application”
     Wait…….. and after some minutes you will see a dialog box, where you can go and simly Install the Clone file.
  •  That’s it you Can Run Clone file and Original file i.e. an App Twice in Same Device.

Guys this is Another way to Install any App Twice in Same Device. This is Also a Working Method. i didn’t have Tested this method yet but i Suggest you to Use Above Method to Install Any App Twice in Same Device.

Last Words:-

                                  So Guys This Is The Method To Use Any Android App Twice In Single Android Device i Hope you Enjoyed This Without Any Query.You Can Run Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, And Many More Popular Apps Twice Mean Two Accounts In Single Device. This Is The Best Method I Have Shared, You Didn’t Need To Do Anything, No Root, Just Download One App And Follow Our Steps Carefully And Enjoy.We Share Many More Tricks For Our Readers In Future So Keep Connected With Us. And If You Are Getting Any Problem Related To This Article Or Other Then Comment Below Freely, I Will Try My Best To Solve Your Problem.

Thanks For Choosing Us.

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